Klunkerkranich Roof Top Bar in Berlin Neukölln

Parking Deck

After a very long and exciting day in Neukölln, one of our last stops was supposed to be the Klunkerkranich, one of the top trending bars in Berlin. The bar is located on deck five,the roof of the parking deck of the Neukölln Arcades.

We were curious, but also already quite tired and waiting for the elevator, or better queuing to get into the elevator, was already annoying. We finally arrived deck five, after a journey in an absolutely packed elevator, only to discover that we had to queue again to get in … well, I don’t queue anymore and especially not after a long and tiring day. So I can’t tell you much about the location.

The view from the roof over Neukölln is amazing, and the parking deck a surprisingly interesting location. What I was able to see from the Klunkerkranich looked more like one of the many beach bars, than like the roof top bar from let’s say Hotel du Rome. So, everyone to his taste.

If you go, let me know if it is any good.

View over Neukölln
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Michael Hetzinger and Hertha the Dog

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