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there is that great project in sierra leone that provides youth that lived in the streets with the ability to express themselves creatively in the context of various design collabos. through the proceeds of these collaborations they managed to leave the streets in november 2011, rent 2 apartments and pay for private tuition as well as school fees for the ones that have entered school by now (14 out of 20) and of course pay for food every day and not have to steel it or beg for it.  they are all remarkable and extremely creative individuals, a skill that was vital in order for them to survive life in the streets.

they recently published a bookLIONBASE cover new that documents the project since the very beginning a transformation that resulted in grand progress for a group of 20 boys that spent most of their lives living in the street till 1 year ago.

the book costs €35,-  and it could be a great christmas gift for you and someonelse. getting this book as a gift will be a very motivational and inspiring gift and for you – supporting the project by buying the book and supporting the work from the guys and @mallence bart-williams is a gift itself.

this means if each of you helps mallence to sell the books they are in the position to pay the rent for the next year

for the ones that have not seen it please watch the video to get a brief idea about the individuals that are renting the apartment.

you can order the book here (100% of the proceeds goes directly to the project….and right now into the rent :)
Please order a copy and share this article to help spreading the word and help lion base to stand on their own feet one day!!! – pin, post, share, tweet … and order your copy! thank you very much!