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We hardly take the time to listen to our close ones, being successful and busy takes so much time and attention, not much left to give. yesterday i started a routine to listen (really listen) to my close ones and it had an surprising effect on my life.

do you have a fake email address? i do! i have an email address which i only use to receive newsletter, sign up for something, take part in a lottery …whatever. this email i check may be once a week or less. yesterday i got a newsletter from a blog called – the blog maven, in this newsletter the woman who writes the blog spoke about selfishness. the daily selfishness. to be so in your own world of being busy that you fail to listen to other people. i have to plead guilty here.

lovely mail. this mail made me aware of that and i started immediately a routine (can i call something i do for two days a routine?) of taking some daily quality time to listen to my close ones – and they love it, and the best: it is the time of the day when i calm down.


i don’t have anything to do, to be, to say, no pressure to be successful, perfect, great, beautiful, healthy, fit, super …. listen to the people you love and care and really listen is the best thing you can do to live in the moment, as the person you are.


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