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hottie! that is what i have to say, when it comes to marcia. born in brazil, lived in the netherlands and now in berlin as well. she has all the best from all three cultures, sexy, positive, cool.

i was curious, what might the apartment of a interior architect look like? absolutely stylish, or totally opposite? like a shop window, or a creative work space? all of them and none, if it comes to marcia. her apartment is in one of these old-modern buildings from the 60ies or later or earlier (i never know these things), but one of these buildings i wouldn’t have thought about moving in before i saw marcia’s apartment. but than, many of my friends have now apartments (you can’t call them plain flats) in the towers at hansa viertel.

marcia has this talent, her flat looks like one of these fantastic, glamorous apartments you see in interior magazines or the yellow press, not a plain two room flat in charlottenburg-wilmersdorf.

but see yourself:

Marcia Dos Santos

Pudim de Leite Condensado

yum yum – pudim de leite condensado! love it, she made it herself for me, because i love it so much!

bath bath candle

ever used a perfumed candle as door stopper? great side effect, you come into the apartment and it smells nice.

sleeping room

below – this is the sleeping room. i am going to call it the golden room. you enter the room and everything is immersed in a golden light. my skin, looked radiant, soft, golden… i need a sleeping room like that!

sleeping room lamp

i think these curtains are part of the secret of the golden room!


marcia making breakfast


livingroom breakfast  fig

the best thing about my job? i always get delicious food! :-)

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see more pictures as always, on flickr

inside // marcia dos santos

 question and answer with marcia dos santos!

where are you from?
I was born in Sao Paulo, Brasil

what is your profession?
I am an Interior Architect / Designer

you are at home in the netherlands and brazil as well, if you are in brazil what do you miss about berlin?
When I’m in the Netherlands I put my rain boots on and walk around, as i do in Berlin as well, but then, in my high heels, in Brasil I can´t walk much, I need a car to move around, because of the distance between Citys, places and because of security…..That I miss about Berlin… walking around in the green, illuminating streets with freedom.

what is important when it comes to choosing a flat/apartment?
a- always pay attention to your needs.
b- a floor plan, spacious floor plan in square design is suitable and practical.
c- Natural light.

what is a secret ingredient that could spoil every room?
For me the material or the ingredient which can spoil a room is the wall painting or the wallpaper. Indeed the color can define the personality but at the same time create a bad atmosphere or reduce the size….
For example, for a small room, white color is appropriate because it enlarges the room and gives brightness at same time. It´s also the case of wallpaper, that can give old look to the room…
For me in decoration everything is a question of limit, suitability for a room, to the personality and needs of the customer…

if you meet a new client, what do you want to know from him to make sure that he will love his new interior?
I want to know his personality and his needs.

what is your favourite place in berlin?
Gendarmenmarkt, I love to walk around there appreciating architecture and enjoying open air concerts in the summer months.

your apartment is in a very cool lounge style, what do you think is an important trend in interior at the moment?
Lounge rooms are very popular as they allow more space and less confinement with walls and barriers, as open and half walled kitchens allow a family to converse and interact.

if you want to get in touch with marcia, send her a mail at midossantos130 [at] or contact her via facebook