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We arrived in Ramsgate on a Friday night and decided first thing on Saturday morning to go to margate for breakfast and a quick visit to the turner contemporary. just to give us a bit of time to arrive mentally as well. it was quite a while since my last visit to Ramsgate. so we bought some dayrider tickets, took the bus to Margate, had breakfast at fort’s cafe, did a walk on the seaside, visited the turner contemporary, I got a lovely present from my boyfriend, Jonathan got a haircut, we had lunch at the greedy cow (i love the cheddar tomato pesto sandwich), went over to the lifeboat ale and cider pub, bumped into some lovely friends, Angela & Greg, took the bus home, were totally exhausted, had an early bedtime. phew!

Full English breakfast at fort’s hill cafe


Jonathan obviously enjoying his first full English breakfast since month  :-)

Musician Jonathan Fischer

And for me toast and jam.


Walk at margate‘s sea side


The turner contemporary and it’s beautiful architecture and view!



Right away touched by these amazing sculptures from Juan Muñoz. And there is an amazing exhibition of the art from Dorothy Cross as well!


the beautiful, and sometimes smelly, bay of margate

margate_2 margate_2 margate_2

someone had a haircut :-)

Musician Jonathan Fischer

That’s it…. was too tired, unfortunately, no pictures from the greedy cow lunch, the lifeboat, Angela & Greg