A day with two English men, Mark Negin and Jonathan Fischer, in berlin. it’s already three weeks ago, but I got ill before I could post it. so here with a bit of delay our wonderful visit of the amazing Berggruen exhibition, quick visit of the Sammlung Scharf gerstenberg, with lunch and then the Schloss Charlottenburg. quite a bit for one day but it was great!

Marc Negin and Musician Jonathan Fischer in Berlin

I did not make pictures from the Berggruen exhibition but a few snaps from the stairway the Stueler building itself is worth a visit.

berggruen_03at At Schloss Charlottenburg one is not allowed to take pictures, or better you if you pay 3 euros you are allowed to make some, but then you don’t have permission to publish them … ahem – but outside, it’s free :-)

The Schloss is a beautiful building and besides its very old fashioned and a bit bored staff a wonderful place. especially the silver and porcelain area in the first floor gives a great idea of how people lived and dined in those times. the Schloss itself looks beautiful in almost ever light and season, check out my post here

jonathan looked even more english than ususally

schlossi hope you enjoyed those pictures as i did enjoy the day.