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last week i was invited to visit my friend mats bergen the illustrator and photographer, and i took the chance to make another aboutcuriosity // inside posts. I love his work, he is an amazingly creative person and is also very supportive. when i met him first i thought he was mainly a singer. because he is also a professional baritone. just after a while i discovered he is an illustrator and photographer and painter and knitter as well. yeah, now you know how scared i was making photographs of him and his studio and flat. and when you think, when does this guy ever sleep you discover he just started learning hebrew. nothing else to do… amazing this man.

so may be it was a bit of a wrong timing to try a new software! ok, i can tell you it WAS the wrong timing. i tried lightroom the first time, unfortunately i am using a sony alpha camera and this camera is not only not making proper raw files, no it is also not working very properly with lightroom anyways.. so desaster! but i could save some of the pictures, most lost too much information to use them but lucky me, not all.

anyways, back to mats. we had a great chat about art, being freelance and light, while i was doing some pictures he used the time to play a bit with some of his sketchs. if i think how much stress i have to get in creative mood, sigh!

when jonathan joined us mats started cooking pasta, just like that… “are you hungry?” … ” “shall we have some pasta” .. do i ever say no to pasta? no, i don’t. and i tell you yummieh! pasta with homemade pesto from basil (from his balcony), sunflower seeds, grano padano, lemon juice and a bit of lemon zest. and than both of them where singing together a few tunes.

see some pictures i made here and many more over there at flickr

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go on, put some pressure on me! mats making photographs while i am photographing :-)


mats bergen

mats bergen tea time

mats bergen

mats bergen

Musician Jonathan Fischer




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mats bergen and Musician Jonathan Fischer

mats bergen1

mats bergen