Berlin Food

Mobile Espresso

I never realised that there is nothing to go for a coffee around national Galerie / philharmonic. after the lunch concert last Tuesday I had a bit time before I had to meet my client and wanted to go over some of the layouts I had to show. not enough time to go somewhere further away, but an hour. the Scandinavian embassy with the oslo coffee bar was the wrong direction. we went to the Staatsbibliothek, coffee only with a library id, Neue Nationalgalerie – coffee only with a ticket for the gallery, Kunstgewerbemuseum – the same. you are surrounded by cafes and museum’s cafes and you can’t get a decent coffee or snack in an area where so many tourists pass every day? on top it was raining!

Then Jonathan and I discovered that little van! ha! Coffee, chocolate muffins and Orangina! emergency kit for hysterical photographers. lovely service, decent coffee, yummy muffins. the van is directly in front of the Neue Nationalgalerie.

Having coffee with Musician Jonathan Fischer