Berlin Change

My little Bird House

Living in a town has naturally its pros and cons. I am very happy to live in the city west, which is not only very central to everything but also very green, the Grunewald is just 15 minutes with the bus / S-Bahn away and Lietzensee or Schlosspark and the canals just 5 Minutes. So I can say I have the best bits of berlin (in my opinion).

But when a few weeks ago I made the photographs for the editorial about Faride Bassenge I saw something … she had a bird house. Not that I ever wanted a bird house. Hers was a transparent birdhouse which was attached to the window. I loved it and ordered one myself at the same day.

Sitting all day at the desk staring at a computer screen is frustrating and also quite bad for your eyes sight. The bird house not only helps me to do what my doctor said, focussing every now and then (what he said exactly was every 25 minutes) on the birds but also to stop focussing on „problems“. This tiny house changed so much in my life … difficult clients, ranting neighbours, facebook trolls, bad weather, software problems, boring accounting, annoying government papers … ah a bird is there picking some sunflower seeds – that is what life is about, what was I worrying just seconds ago? forgotten.