Neukölln in Pictures

We now reach almost the end of our Neukölln Tour, and this post wasn’t planned actually. But I spoke to someone from New Yorck recommending Neukölln and got the answer – „no, I don’t want to go to ugly places.“

Well, yes – Neukölln has it’s ugly sides and it’s pretty, like every part of Berlin. So here some of my Impressions, Neukölln in Pictures.

20160402-neukoelln-220 20160402-neukoelln-216 20160402-neukoelln-199 20160402-neukoelln-297 20160402-neukoelln-270 20160402-neukoelln-204 20160402-neukoelln-196 20160402-neukoelln-274

20160402-neukoelln-187 20160402-neukoelln-188  20160402-neukoelln-192 20160402-neukoelln-197 20160402-neukoelln-198 20160402-neukoelln-201 20160402-neukoelln-202 20160402-neukoelln-203 20160402-neukoelln-208 20160402-neukoelln-210 20160402-neukoelln-211 20160402-neukoelln-212 20160402-neukoelln-213 20160402-neukoelln-214 20160402-neukoelln-217 20160402-neukoelln-218 20160402-neukoelln-219 20160402-neukoelln-221 20160402-neukoelln-268 20160402-neukoelln-274