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nikolas feireiss

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a place like the home from nikolas feiress is usually not what you expect in the middle in berlin. and when i hear the word “lifestyle expert” i imagine one living at hansa viertel, in berlin mitte etc… but what i learned is …

style is what you make of it

nikolas feireiss is a writer, journalist and lifestyle expert, travelling through the world discovering new trends and aspects of fashion, interior and gardening. bringing these trends to us in articles as a speaker or on his online magazine | das magazin









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what is your profession?

Writer, Lifestyle- Expert ||


where are you from?

Berlin, born in Lome/Togo. Perhaps, because of that I can stand the heat.


you don’t live exactly in an urban environment, how come?

Due to an unfortunate set of circumstances I now live in my former childhood home. now again in the house i used to live in as a child. It is now kind of an international flat share ing for me. I love the garden and made the decision to move back into the that house as kind of a therapeutic healing, to make my finding peace with my family history. the quietness, and the view in the morning in the garden are beautiful and a luxury to have in the city.


what does style mean to you?

Style is finding an expression  of ones own personality. the way to dress up, to live, to behave and to value things, To be comfortable in your own skin. most symphatical is style to me, if it is a  reflection of the “here and now” and it becomes clear that being comfortable with one self also encompasses an awareness of contemporary trends.


if you had to describe your own style, how would you do it?

In my opinion Style has to do with harmony. Very early on i experienced learnt that, good design and good beautiful things almost always complement each other work together quite well, no matter what era what time ever they come are from. I am going not the type for extremes or provocation. I have had my favorites (fashion & Furniture) for a long time but i am still open to succumbed to the fascination of new proposals.


do you have a recommendation for the reader (and me) how to be a-la-mode this summer?

too much is never a good idea. from a professional point of view, colour is important in fashion, more poisonous than tepidly, Print, floral pattern, but never cute. egg-shaped and generous patterns, Naturally but with control, same for hair and make-up.


what is the different between style and trend?

there need not be a difference but there can be!


do you think someone having his own style can still be trendy?



if it comes to branding and typography the main idea is to find your unique style language and to stick to it, how about fashion?

It will be difficult to be unique, which is kind of sad. you can go too far with the drive for individuality. we want as well identificate ourselves in the others, that is an idea of fashion as well.


can everybody have style?

Style has to do with culture in a wider sense and spirit mind, being poor is not helpful, but creativity and imagination are helpful.


are fashion and garden the expressions of the same thing?

No. even if gardening is another lifestyle theme, so it is about other aspects of life. but of course, there are similar questions, it is about control, transitoriness, about to be and letting be, to make the best of what is, making decisions …


is there something like “style”in gardening?

it is part of your own style if your garden is a famer’s style garde or a japanese style garden. If it more about colourful flowers or the structures of the plain leaf.


where have you travelled lately?

i was recently in milan.


where would you like to go next?

probably italy as well. also the seaside. maybe greece, or spain, or …. but definitely europe.


if a friend visits you in Berlin in April what should he see?

My home, bits and bytes from kreuzberg, maybe the park at Gleisdreieck, the area around Savignyplatz, a walk at Torstrasse, The “Alte Museum” …


does one have to have a green thumb to have a beautiful garden?

Gardening is a craft as well. Sometimes it helps – and very often saves money – to get a professionalto assist you / to help you.


what do you love mostly about Berlin?

It is my home

thank you nikolas