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a while a go i had a location shoot for a company, in a very interesting place called the malsääle or better known as the opernwerkstätten in berlin. amazing place. the light was just magical. would love to have my studio there! any chance?

whatever, it is an event location now and olympus is doing a interesting photography event there.

12 internationale Künstler und Künstlerkollektive – eine einzigartige, interaktive Ausstellung! Unter dem Thema „Raum und Kunst“ befreist du dich von deiner Rolle als passiver Betrachter, du wirst selbst zu einem Akteur und rückst in den Mittelpunkt des Geschehens – Sehgewohnheiten brechen auf und Illusionen verwandeln sich in Realität.

So verwandelt der OLYMPUS OM-D: PHOTOGRAPHY PLAYGROUND die Opernwerkstätten in Berlin-Mitte vier Wochen lang in einen kreativen Spielplatz der Sinne. Erlebe es selbst – leih dir eine Olympus OM-D vor Ort aus und bringe dafür deinen Personalausweis oder Führerschein mit.

what does this mean? it says that 12 artists or artist groups created a interactive exhibition there and you can go and use a olympus om-d for free to make pictures, in the end there is a voting etc. … go, the place itself is worth is. see more here in german.

i made pictures, not with an olympus om-d, but with a sony alpa 700 and a sony nex7, definitely both not my favorite cameras, i am just not a sony fan. they don’t even make a regular raw format, honestly! anyways, as henning nockel pointed out, you can make good pictures with any device. :-)

so here we go.

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  1. Anders Klintborg

    Great Foto’s, it’s so inspiring to watch and read your reportages Jordana, I am stuck far to long at the computer! :-)
    The location is really interesting, what is it used for normally? Or is it one of these locations that are changing the whole time?
    Take care,

  2. hi anders, glad you like it and i hope you are well.the malsääle were the workshop for the people doing the stage setting for the opera. i think itS# now mainly a event location. hope to see you soon,

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