mark and jonathan in the sun in berlin

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summertime is picnic time in berlin! what was planned as a lazy saturday and a hot party in the evening turned out totally different. my nephew called, and when my newphew calls i can’t resist it. he asked me out to the zoological garden in berlin, i met him and my sister there and we had a splendid day (pictures soon to follow). after hours and hours running around in the sun, i started to feel quite tired and wasn’t really sure if i wanted to go to the party, as tempting as the invitation was. just in time i got a text from my friend mark:

are you busy today? How#bout an unplanned picknick this early evening at the j@xon beach / close to the j@xon residence. Crémant and/or rosé wine is chilled ….

i decided i am not busy and swapped exciting party for relaxing picnic. it turned out wonderful, relaxing and calming.

mark was already there, blanket on the green, real plates, glasses and cutlery, a huge bowl of salad with 3 variations of dressing, cold cremant, and pellegrino and cheese. heaven, lot’s of delicious cheese with french bread. it was delicious. there was even a delicious english cheddar for jonathan.

the evening sun, quiet music in the background, chilled crémant, delicious food and lovely friends. life is too good.

mark and the sun smiling!

mark in the sun

yes, proper glasses

real glasses of course for a proper picnic

someone don’t want to be photographed?

jonathan fischer

french cheese .. yum yum .. eh …yum!

french cheese french cheese

it was such a relaxed evening!

mark and jonathan

a guest, uninvited!

duck jonathan jonathan view © 2013 Jordana Schramm, all Rights Reserved feet mark jonathan

thank you both for such a lovely evening!!