Berlin Random


Sunday two weeks ago, was the tipping point of this year’s weather. One woke up and could smell  it – winter was there. It didn’t matter that the following two weeks warmed up, that was just teasing.

But this one Sunday morning showed off in the full beauty of the first winter days. Glitter and shimmer everywhere, the smell of the ice-cold fresh air was clear and wintery. Hard to describe, but if you live somewhere where there are seasons you know what I am talking about.

Raureif – is magic

One of the especially beautiful signs of that first winter morning is „Raureif“ – in English it is frost, white frost, hoar frost. But Raureif isn’t just frost, it is the distinctive way humidity builds glittery crystals in the morning to dress nature in diamonds. Every step makes a cracking noise.





I am an Interior & People Photographer based in Berlin, London and Lugano. Basically, I just love creating cool stuff and calling it “work” and even better getting paid for it. I love being on the move, travelling through real world and dreams, browsing the web, and the streets.