Jordana Schramm, Jonathan Fischer

Today is the birthday of the man I spent the last almost ten years with.

Today is also day 105 of us breaking up.

I’m not going to write about the reasons, not only because I am not the only person involved.

I wouldn’t probably write about it at all if it wasn’t the easiest way to let everybody know. I am tired of telling people and I am even more tired of their „advice“ and unsolicited „comfort and empathy“.

One should think this is my time, the time to heal and deal with what’s going on – no, it’s „their“ time. Some people are offended because I didn’t tell them right away. And some because I am not crying on their shoulder.

I have to say I didn’t expect how people reacted:

I spare you most of it.

I heard almost every platitude you can imagine. Everybody thinks they are the right ones to advise you. I could tell people over and over again – I do not want to talk about it, need time by myself. They had to look at me with eyes full of pity and ask with “that” voice „and how do you feel today“? „did you see each other„? Every fucking single time.

Yes, I know it is difficult when people break up, especially after such a long time. What to say?

What I learnt: Ask them what they need or if they need anything at all. And then respect that. I am grown up. If I want to talk to you I will do.

And now over to something important: Dear Jonathan, I wish you a very Happy Birthday and from the bottom of my heart, all the happiness one can get. Everything you wish for shall become true. Love Jordana