rollcontainer – win one!

what a word. rollcontainer! but besides from the german name to it, it is one of these things you need! you want, you have to have! and this one is from stocubo. do you remember my blogpost about stocubo?

ok, to actually win that rollcontainer just go to facebook, and like the picture on their facebook page. just follow this link, it leads straight to the picture. you have to do it before the 30.06.2013. that’s all. you could like the site as well of course, always good to get the news. :-)

oh, and this is how the rollcontainer looks:


2 comments on “rollcontainer – win one!

  1. eduardo

    do you think the send to costa rica/san jose? is it only europe?

    • i am pretty sure they would do that. how exciting to send a rollboy to costa rica. best would be to ask them via facebook. good luck!

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