pasta salad

#food #salad
my friend nane asked me to publish the “recipe” for this salad, because she loves it. but recipe is such an exaggeration for this simple salad – some pasta with oil and lemon and “topping” variations.

to be honest the recipe is a variation from a recipe i got years ago from my friend jean-pierre. may be it is because germans are anyways nudelsalat lovers – i loved it. jean-pierre made his salat from pasta, with spinach, dried tomatoes, olive oil, lemon and basil.

and now – it’s just pasta of your choice with olive oil, lemon juice, sea salt and spinach … and a topping, like with ice cream, of your choice.

sometimes it’s red pepper, some times it’s goji berries, or dried tomatoes, pines, grano padano (or sbrinz), i like red things but why not try what’s left over from the bbq like chicken, or fried mushrooms …

pasta salad