Save Energy

save energy

Energy is something we all know we should save, the dark cloud of feeling guilty following us all day and every time we sip a coffee, switch the heater on to have a snuggly warm living room, have a look in the fridge undecided a bit too long, we know it was another opportunity we missed to save the world.

better livingI have to admit energy is a hard thing, first it looks so easy, because every brochure of your electronic company gives you advise, but than it is so hard to do because quite often laziness gets in our way. but i promise you, it is not that difficult and  as with all parts of this list. there are still things even I (electronically toy addicted monster) can do.

many of these points you might already know or do, some you might think they are ridiculous and “every idiot should know them” but who knows, lets be on the safe side. if not it’s never too late to start, just one step after the other. If you have any more recommendations don’t hesitate, leave a comment.

22. don’t use an electrical squeezer for lemons. It is easy to squeeze the juice from lemons with a fork and your hand (very professional jamie oliver style) or buy one of these glass squeezers). that was easy for me because I do that anyways.
23. use rechargeable batteries whereever possible. I already started with that, still activity in progress … but I am on it. and it saves you a lot of money as well (just thinking of all the money i put in my mac mouse)
24. this point was for energy saving lamps …. but i did a bit of research, after my good friend alexander pointed out that there might appear some problems soon. they are not good for your health, the body don’t like the blue-ish light, the yellow-red light from our old bulbs seems to be better, and further energy saving lamps lead to a waste problem because they contain some really bad things like quicksilver etc. so i don’t want to recommend them anymore.
25. make sure that none of your devices and machines is on standby when not in use. you could use these timers for the plug socket as well. by switching everything off (really off, not standby) when not in use, i divided my electrical bill in half!! i mean half!!! imagine that!! half! all the things i could have bought last year… and invest a bit more but safe money in the end by buying electronically devices which safe energy
26. don’t open the fridge for a long time, think before you open the door and be quick, this is really easy and safes a lot of energy.
27. sealing your windows and doors but make also sure that ventilation is still possible. in england we did often put newspaper between the windows to help avoid the cold draft.
28. in summer switch your off your air-condition, check how your grandma did it on hot days: open windows during night, closed windows and curtains during day. air-conditions do not only waste energy, but they do also not really support your health (just google it)
29. don’t drive a fully packed car if not needed, every extra weight costs energy/gas.
30. if you are away switch all devices off, the fridge too. I mean really off no standby.
31. if you live on your own, think about it, if you even need a fridge… if it is only the milk, just buy smaller amounts and leave the milk close to the window in the colder times of the year.
32. check out what kind of electricity your company provides and if necessary change the company.
33. if you live in sunny areas, try solar technic, there are a few amazingly small tools to charge your phone etc. I tried it but obviously we have not enough sunny days here, i needed a week to charge my phone half :-(
34. heater in winter – it’s better all the time a bit, than switching off and on. and let air in, old air doesn’t get warm so well. also try carpets in winter, lots of carpets and nice cushions, and lovely blankets, don’t be minimalistic in winter. this is for two reasons, first more fabric is not as cold as stone, wood, etc. secondly it looks warmer and more cosy and that makes you feel immediately warmer even if the heater is a bit lower.
35. read a book – did you expect that here? but honestly:

Computers consume energy…..lots of energy. Recent estimates equate the carbon dioxide produced by two Google searches from a desktop computer to be roughly the same amount produced by boiling a kettle of water for a cup of tea. Google services over 300 million queries per day! As another example, using a character in Second Life for a year requires roughly 1750 kilowatt-hours of electricity, or the same amount used by an average Brazilian in a year. Studies have shown that computing infrastructure annually consumes over 1% of the United States’ total energy supply, and the number is growing. Green computing studies the design of carbon-efficient hardware and software. This seminar will survey problems with the energy consumption of computing infrastructure, and discuss new techniques for mitigating those problems. We will also discuss how computers can be leveraged to improve energy-efficien.

36. walk or ride your bike, that helps the planet and your health (if you don’t live in berlin, paris, london, new york – there it is more extreme adventure travelling) please be respectful to pedestrians and other cyclists, yes and even to the car drivers.
37. I believe that tv brings depression and many other problems but if you watch tv, at least do it with a friend …. cook a meal and watch a film together instead of sitting numb alone in front of a tv. that saves the energy of another oven and another tv! and brings fun
38. switch your light off ( i am bad with that)


…ok, this list could be way longer, if you have anything to add, more tipps etc. please leave a comment to help us make it work. and please share , as more people do one or more points of this list as more effect it has.