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this post is that overdue, it is almost embarrassing to post it. but i said i would (hundred years ago, so i do, facing my procrastination in public). I am a huge fan of white charcoal soap, my good friend mark brings me sometimes from japan.  it is funny to wash your body with black soap. the white charcoal thing became quite a trend last year here in europe as well and lot’s of products were available. as a fan of great packaging and typography i fell in love with the products from sort of coal, which i saw as well in the oukan shop in berlin.  sort of coal comes from denmark, one more reason to love them, so last summer i ordered my first sort of coal products., lucky me they just had an free shipping offer if you buy over 60€ or so. never mind lovely products all over the page, so i ordered a shampoo and a water carafe and some coal sticks for the water. ooops… unfortunately, the shampoo wasn’t available. that was disapoointing. what now, the shipping to germany was just too much if i would only order the water carafe. so i ordered a kind of starter kit, which is called the mizu detox pack.

I have to admit i was a bit dissapointed, because i knew there was no chance to order the shampoo than in the future, the shampoo is about 20 €, the shipping would almost be the same.

anyways my package arrived and the package was as beautiful as it looked on the webpage. I still have no idea what to do with the kuro cube (my fridge is always empty, so no smell and the wardrobe smells neither), at the moment i use it as decoration for my bedside table. the powder makes beautiful black pasta. but I am in love with the water bottle, i ordered the plain bottle not the design carafe and love it. it looks gorgeous! I don’t know how and if the white charcoal works, but i can tell you that at least the water get’s softened. normally i would always have a ugly white edge in a bottle when i fill water in because of the really hard water here in berlin, especially were i live. but i never had white spots in the bottle or a glass filled from the bottle (and i left a glass for a test for two weeks, no white rests). Since a while i only drink tap water and use the sort of coal bottle at home (and my guests love the bottle on the table as well) and the bobble bottle i posted about here.

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