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stephanie bothor

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making of – the king of bows and arrows and chicken teriyaki. my friend the artist stephanie bothor is doing a very exciting art project. a card game: bliss! see more about the project in the interview below the pictures. I was invited to join the making of, of the king of bows and arrows. i haven’ t seen her for a while, so i was very curious and looking forward to meet her again. when i saw the pictures from her project “bliss” i thought, WOW! they are amazing. have a look on her project page and support her work there to make it happen. with just a few euro you can help stephanie to create this beautiful and mystical card game. or visit the blog to follow the process of the game.

stephanie a really, really lively and bubbly person, was absolutely relaxed and focused doing the photographs. the decision which picture she wanted to use, was made in just a few minutes. ah, when i think about my “selection-processes” … endless. after the shooting she cooked the teriyaki chicken in the same focused way she made the pictures and her husband matthias joined us for dinner.

i also had the pleasure to meet patricia, who is  part the project as well and a very beautiful and charming person who i am planning to photograph as well, but pssst ..haven’t told her so far.

stephanie bothor studio stephanie bothor studio stephanie bothor studio stephanie bothor studio stephanie bothor studio with jonathan fischer stephanie bothor studio stephanie bothor studio with jonathan fischer jonathan fischer stephanie bothor studio stephanie bothor studio stephanie bothor studio stephanie bothor studio stephanie bothor stephanie bothor studio jonathan fischer stephanie bothor utensils of the king of bows and arrows stephanie bothor studio stephanie bothor cooking tilda rice stephanie bothor cooking stephanie bothor healthy food table stephanie bothor cooking stephanie bothor cooking stephanie bothor stephanie and matthias bothor cooking




jordana: what is your “business” / “profession”:

stephanie: I am an conceptual artist

jordana: what means art to you?

stephanie: I like to make it.

jordana: what means photography to you?

stephanie: a dialog.

jordana: what is it you are most interested in in your art?

stephanie: systems, objects, people, interconnections. the relation between people and objects.

jordana: which camera (-s) do you use?

stephanie: I borrow cameras. I take what I can get. But my favourites are all kinds of Leica and Nikon D700

jordana: what means light to you and when is “your” photography time of the day?

stephanie: Light: beauty. fascination, a pause.

Photography time depends, what I am taking pictures of.

jordana: when is “your” doing art time of the day?

stephanie: mostly between 10.00 – 18.00

jordana: which is your favorite material:

stephanie: light :). paper. thoughts. emotions.

jordana: tell me about your card game project:

stephanie: At the moment I create a fine high quality card game based on tarot.

I create a new game out of it called bliss.

For those cards I take pictures of people who on one hand are special to me

and on the other hand embody a kind of archetype.

The outcome at the end will be an alice in wonderlandish type of story and game.

the wonderland of bliss -the game- is berlin.

Though, the people who play with the cards will be Alice, discovering their own wonderland :)

jordana: tell me a few words about your blog:

stephanie: the blog is my diary of the creation process of the card game

jordana: as an artist how do you make your living?

stephanie: I sell my work.

jordana: what tip would you give someone who starts doing art

stephanie: do it.

jordana: and what tip for photography?

stephanie: see above.

jordana: where are you from?

stephanie: berlin.

jordana: where is your home?

stephanie: berlin.

jordana: where do you live now?

stephanie: berlin.

jordana:your dream destination?

I like to visit now and then paris, but I like where I am.

jordana: your biggest love?

stephanie: love itself.

jordana: how would you describe yourself

stephanie: search & systematize with butterflies in my head and curiosity in my heart.

I like hearts. and chocolate and the word fountain pen.  I like when a moment shows its poetry.

I love my family – my friends included and  I am amazed by the wonder of being alive.

 jordana: any book or music recommendations from you?

stephanie: book: gaston bachelard  the poetics of space.

music my favourite song at the moment is Paris from Hans Unstern

 jordana: what do you need to get in creativity mood?

stephanie: no need, but I like to dive into silence.


jordana: anything else you want to tell us?

stephanie: enjoy your day.



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