Berlin Interior


simple and functional, that is what i want from furniture. and… yeah there is always more, simple and functional is not enough, isn’t it.

furniture to me has to be simple, it hast to suit my need for minimalism, it has to be modular (we are all on the move, aren’t we, if only from one corner to the other), it has to have a good haptic and sustainability and i don’t want to sit any longer on the floor with complex instructions and screw it together on my own (better things to do with my time), i wish it would be produced in my country. I love to mix modern simple furniture with a few lovely vintage pieces so that should work as well…. no way to find that? is that what you think? ha, not true, found: stocubo! (facebook)

the little furniture company is based in berlin, produces in berlin (yeah, support local), is modular, is simple, is beautiful, it is timeless, it is affordable, is developed by the owner stefan oberhofer himself, and the best it comes already put together.

see this picture and tell me you are not changing all your interior settings. I am in love (the concrete behind might support)


Regalsystem fŸr Platten, CD s, DVDs, Bücher_600x400



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