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Style Is The Smile On Your Face – At Home With Elena

Elena Schmuschkowitsch Workspace

Elena is the owner of a beautiful fashion boutique in the now again trendy city west. But Romans was there all the time. It is one of those stores where you can find a selection of the best items from the best brands. So Elena is doing all the work for us. She is travelling through Paris etc. picking the desirable pieces for us.

Elena has that discreet and fresh style which easily attracts my attention. And the store is not only filled with a sophisticated collection of clothes but accessories and a valuable collection of vintage furniture, which ultimately got my attention. I was curious to find out how Elena interprets her Style at home. How is she living?

I was not disappointed. A beautiful flat, with the same, almost muted style she has herself. She can tell you the story of every bit of furniture, nothing is „just bought“. It all came almost towards her. Findings on the way along. She lives in that same flat for many years now. After the kids moved out she only renovated the flat and moved things to turn it into something new. That is anyways a special talent from Elena. Another Scarf, a new Jacket and it results in something entirely different.Read the interview or listen to the audiofile of tehinterview with Elena about Style beneath the pcitures.


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Elena Schmuschkowitsch

Q: What is a perfect Sunday for you?
A: A perfect Sunday is a relaxed day at home, breakfast. Sunday means having a lie-in, my coffee, my breakfast on a tray on the sofa. Being very relaxed, taking some time looking around, I usually don’t have the time for that.

Q: Where/what is home for you?
A: Here – at home, my home. I feel comfortable, Everything is like I like it. Surrounded by things I love. And also, at my boutique (Romans) I feel home there as well. The boutique represents me very much.
(note: you can see and feel that very much at Romans)

Q: What does Style mean to you?
A: It is a feeling in my Opinion. It is not what is modern, or what is „in“, it the feeling, that you wear the right clothes in the right moment. So you feel good and confident. Style is, being well-groomed, nice hair style, being in a good mood….

Q: Elegance, who represents elegance for you?
A: A person who has style.

Q: Which Accessories could jazz up an outfit.
A: I’d recommend not to jazz up, stay as you are, shine from within.

Q: With whom would you love to have dinner?
A: I haven’t decided yet, I have to think about it. In every case with good friends, which are close to me.

Q: Is there something you can’t resist?
A. A good meal, if it is lunch, breakfast or dinner. A good wine… is very important for dinner.

Q: What do you do for relaxing?
A: I look out for something that delights my eye, it can be my home, a visit to a museum, it is important to see something beautiful. That is relaxing as well to me.

Q: If friends visit you in Berlin what would you show them?
A: Definitely first very classical Schloss Charlottenburg. You have a good time, go for a walk, it is a nice park. In the evening I would definitely go to La Caleta.

Audio file of the German Version of the Interview.