the year of the cookies


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first of all i have to say thank you all for all these delicious cookies! I loved them all and not one single cookies survived longer than a day! last christmas I got spoiled by handmade cookies. I am always hoping for my portion from mark – the delicious russian tea cookies. and they were as every year delicious!


this year my mum made some cookies as well. no surprise is what you might think, your mum bakes every year  …ah but my mum never made cookies, not one single time not a tiny crumb. so it was a premiere and they were great as well – kokosmakronen.


and just when you think, phew it’s all done all over … now you start with your after christmas diet than another package with yum cookies arrives. my friend carla made them. carla is writing (very lazy) an beautiful kitchen blog as well (facebook)


wonder what is waiting next year for me :-)

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  1. thank you for the mention, jordana! glad you liked the cookies. and i promise i’ll start blogging again soon (and regularly)

  2. hi carla, pleasure (and cookies) were all mine! I am looking forward to you upcoming blogposts :-)

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