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It was hard to think about a title for this post… Denmark mon amour, beloved danish coast, Seychelles …?  What the Seychelles (replace with dream island of your wish) might be for the you, the danish north sea coast is for me.

Breathtaking! Love!

The endless wide-open space. The sky, almost kissing the coast. The woods and the dunes, the rough and powerful waves of the north sea, the tides. ok, enough from that, you love it or not. You won’t find many café’s, fashion shops or other trendy shopping and entertainment possibilities. But you will find, what you were looking for in the first place. When you booked your beach holiday: stunning nature, a breathtaking seaside, fresh and clean air to clean your possible depressed urban city mind.

A dead whale is always sad, but it is also a reminder to all us. There are real animals living in our holiday pool and it is our responsibility to take care about them. A lot of dead seals and sometimes whale arrive dead at the coast. When you see that their head is cut off, you can be very sure that it was stuck in a fishermen’s net and they cut them out to safe the net. please don’t go ahead and blame the fishermen, think further, think deeper.

dead whale

imagine to find an empty beach like this at peak season in the most popular holiday area somewhere else. no way, but this is what this is, the area around henne strand (germans visiting denmark summer place no.1) and it is holiday time.


the beautiful dunes of the westcoast

denmark west coast

i told you, the sky touchs denmark!

denmark west coast denmark west coast snake at denmarks west coast © 2013 Jordana Schramm, all Rights Reserved

the secret: all the german tourists stay exactly at henne strand beach, that is where the lifesaver are and were they feel safe, so they stick together. 10 minutes walk and they would have the whole beach for theirselves

henne strand denmark west coast