you can help our environment with three easy steps

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how you can help our environment with three easy steps.  – sorry for the cheeky headline, it was just too tempting, and in the end it is true!

this is something that really matters to me … and to you! so would you do me a favor? or better two?

first reduce your waste and the use of plastic products with some really easy steps (see below) and secondly share this post to make sure that as many people as possible do that as well.

waste and especially plastic is becoming a …. not true, IS a massive problem for our environment. not only the waste itself, no, the production as well. but it is not only plastic, it is our daily routines, our daily habits.

you might see lot’ s of pictures of stars, surfers and yogis and yoginis showing them fighting or supporting campaigns for a better environment and a more healthy life. on the other hand you see them constantly carrying around their bottle of water and it is always a plastic one and you see them having coffee in to go cups.

and you, yourself? how often and how many coffees do you have in a cup to go. one every day? that’s about 365 a year. how many bottles of water in plastic bottles. how many plastic bags?

with three easy steps you can, no you will, make a MASSIVE change:
1. coffee to go
dont drink your coffee in plastic or paper cups to go
2. bottled water
don’t buy water in small (or big) plastic bottles
3. plastic bags
don’t use plastic bags

ah yes I know! I see your grumpy face. three easy steps, not as easy as you thought. do I want you to miss your daily cup of coffee to go, looking like these “sex and the city girls” walking thorough new york city cool and fashionable? no, no worries about that. do I want you to stop drinking your daily dose of at least 2 liters of water? no, definitely not. do I try to force you to carrying all the time ugly organic bags around for your shopping? your pair of prada shoes in a re-useable bag? … ummmmmh … may be kind of. but please read through my proposals before you freak out and close the tab. it is all not as hard and ugly as you think.

number one – your daily dose of coffee
If you have to have coffee to go and if you have to have coffee anyways is your decision. I love a good coffee, but I rather sit down and enjoy a few minutes for myself than running around with lukewarm coffee in a foam or paper cup. but if you want your coffee to go, have it. but why not having one of these really cool and reusable ones? the coffee even stays longer warm! just buy one, go to the chain of your choice blame them for not doing it and give them your mug (may be a keepcup). don’t allow them to put it in a normal take away asking you to put it in your re-usable one. you are a customer, and one who thinks further than them! some coffee chains already seek their own and i have to admit starbucks (i wouldn’t drink what they call coffee at startbucks) is not only selling them, they are easy going with filling even another branded mug.

with keep cup you can choose the colour combination you want! it could look like that! but there are lot’s of other brands as well if you don’t like these.


ok, that wasn’t that hard, no. they look even cooler, they are better to handle and your anyways only lukewarm coffee stays a bit longer warm.
reusable cup

by the way do you know that the “paper cups” not even paper waste anymore, because they are coated.

number two – bottled water
easy as well! and you will save some money. here my suggestions.
– you could either buy one of theses refill bottles from Bobble Water Bottle
and fill them with normal tap water, because they filter the water and even the chlorine from the english water gets filtered and they look really cool. I have a few and I get always asked about them. Lot’s of my friends bought them now as well. if you always bought fancy brand name water you might be surprised how much money you save. one filter costs £7/€7 at boots or karstadt and lasts for 300 refills. think about it … how much is a small evian … around €1 I guess, if you have one a day… woooah that’s at least 30€ a month, that would be 360€ (books, bag’s, shoes, yoga classes, holidays… think about it) a year and if you only fill bobble once a day you have a year to go. but i guess you are a good girl/ boy drinking more water a day so it would be even more money you could save!

another idea would be to buy one of these glass bottles from soulbottles (thank you julia for recommending them)  or one of the metal ones.
what else … a friend of mine, buys a plastic one from time to time and refills them for quite a while.
and another friend which always complained about the weight of buying actually glass bottles now orders the water in glass bottles and a  company brings it even to the door in the sixth floor.

that wasn’t too hard as well, was it?

number three – plastic bags
ok I have to admit that is not as easy. and it happens to me that after a meeting i rush into a supermarket etc. and buy a plastic bag! shame over me! and i really hate it… because anyways I carry quite often a bag around, why not putting a reserve bag in as well? i do it now more and more times but it still happens that i forget them. but if you think they are all ugly, absolutely not! there are some really cool ones out there. i recommend the ones of bamboo, first because it is fast renewable and second they are very thin so they fit even in the tiniest clutch bag. you can buy them on most cool festivals and hipster shops or do your own on a work shop with nadja girod from smil (Samstag, der 27. April, 12.00 – 18.00, Drucksalon, Berlin)
…and if it happens that you get a plastic or a paper bag at least just re-use them!

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do you know that in 2010 according to the paper industry, americans consumed an estimated 23 billion paper coffee cups. That is 23,000,000,000. In one country. In one year. Many of these cups are made from recycled materials, however, most recycled paper products only contain 10% post consumer materials. That still leaves us with nearly 21 billion cups made from new material.
During his Ted Talk in 2008, Chris Jordan gave some staggering numbers regarding the paper cup consumption in the United States, but his real impact came through his photography.
On average, Americans consume 410,000 paper cups every 15 minutes



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