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Caffè e Pannini

Caffè e pannini, cafe berlin

Probably one of my top five places for a morning coffee in Berlin. This little crazy Italian coffee is located in Windscheidstraße, Berlin Charlottenburg.

The owner is Italian and serves definitive the best cornetti in berlin and excellent coffee. Hot, strong and tasty.

At 8 o’clock in the morning, the little messy places fill with what feels hundred Italians chatting like their life depends on it, all at once for about an hour and then the storm is over till the next one. Next to the very good coffee, It is just amazing and very welcoming. David the owner, handles all of this with charm and fun.


In 2020 David did sell the Cafè. So Caffè e Pannini is closed. There is a new Café in now, not related to the former place.