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Minimale Differenzen –Jochum Rodgers

Minimale Differenzen – Current Exhibition at Jochum Rodgers Galerie

Beautiful furniture and art in enough room to breathe. Jochum Rodgers presents regularly furniture to dream of and has the talent and knowledge to present them in a way that the white room around them adds to their design, almost building the frame. The current exhibition „Minimale Differenzen“ is no exception to that. (See other posts from me about the gallery here and here).

Aux Mervelleux de Fred Berlin

Aux Merveilleux de Fred in Berlin

Finally, the French delights from Aux Merveilleux de Fred are available for the Berlin gourmand now as well. The beautiful Cafe & Patisserie has just opened six weeks ago. You can buy the whole range of the famous baking goods you may know from Paris. Not only „Les Merveilleux“ but also „Le Cramiques“ – a fluffy, white bread with Raisins, sugar coating or chocolate bits. Delicious is not enough to describe this bread.

Berlin – a Saturday in The Forrest

Well, that’s the thing with Berlin, being in the press for being one of Europe’s most trendy, cool, cheap, party city only shows one little bit from this beautiful city. Almost every real Berliner will inform you this reputation has not so much to do with the city we grew up. Berlin is a very green“ city.  There are many parks like the Tiergarten (210 hectares (520 acres)),  Tempelhofer Park, Mauerpark and many, many more. Furthermore 18 % of the Area of Berlin is Forrest, like the Grunewald and the Spandauer Forrest.