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Minimale Differenzen –Jochum Rodgers

Minimale Differenzen – Current Exhibition at Jochum Rodgers Galerie

Beautiful furniture and art in enough room to breathe. Jochum Rodgers presents regularly furniture to dream of and has the talent and knowledge to present them in a way that the white room around them adds to their design, almost building the frame. The current exhibition „Minimale Differenzen“ is no exception to that. (See other posts from me about the gallery here and here).

Kitchen Livingroom Interior by Luca Lancini

Sommer Residence – Talk with Architect Luca Lancini

One of the most beautiful places I photographed last year was the apartment from Ulf Sommer. Luca Lancini designed the place new but if you ask him it was Ulf who did the design. Luca’s task was to find out how Ulf wants to live, what are his needs. Then to create exactly that place – and it worked out. Ulf feels at home at this place. Luca has a very special approach to create a place for a client. His work often leads to a relationship much closer than usual for an architect.

„Structure“ in the nordic embassy


The Nordic Embassy in Berlin, is showing the work of some nordic Artist and Manufacturer in the exhibition „Structure“. The topic is “structure” or “track” – in whatever form. The wide spectrum of unique interpretations ranges from surprisingly new materials to structural experiments and innovative aesthetic effects. Structure combines Nordic craftsmanship and design and presents visions, innovation and craftsmanship of the current Norwegian creative scene. The works, designs and prototypes of 26 of the country’s greatest talents are exhibited: furniture, lighting, ceramics, textiles and furnishing accessories. The exhibition was first shown at the Ventura Lambrate in Milan in 2016.

Vintage Galore – Vintage Design in Neukoelln

Vintage Galore – Vintage Design in Neukoelln

The next stop on our Neukoelln Tour had, surprisingly, not much to do with food. But interior, beautiful furniture and design. Not all of the furniture at Vintage Galore  (tumblr) is Scandinavian, but quite a lot and mainly from the 60ies. Next to the beautiful selection of vintage furniture the have a great variety of lamps and lot’s of everyday objects. 


At home with Alexander Schulz

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes, 9 seconds. Contains 1031 words My friend Alexander Schulz has been at the top of my list of people I want to interview for far too long! You might have seen him here already. Alexander is a very talented and experienced set designer. In the german language, it is way more difficult to describe what he actually does for a living. Alexander is also a photographer, specialising in architectural pictures; find him here on flickr.

Elena Schmuschkowitsch Workspace

Style Is The Smile On Your Face – At Home With Elena

Elena is the owner of a beautiful fashion boutique in the now again trendy city west. But Romans was there all the time. It is one of those stores where you can find a selection of the best items from the best brands. So Elena is doing all the work for us. She is travelling through Paris etc. picking the desirable pieces for us.