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discovery card ticino

Discovery Card Ticino

I highly recommend the first thing you do is buy the Ticino discovery card. At the time I am writing this post the card is about 87.- swiss franc, can be used for 3 full days in one week and covers almost everything from the cable cars (funicolare) to the mountains, trains, busses, post bus lines, fees for most of the museums and the best of all the ferries on the lakes.

monte bre

Lugano – the Monte Bre

Next part of our journey through Ticino. You have to visit the Monte Bre with the cable car (funicolare) and better be prepared with a Tourist Card, otherwise it’s a ridiculous expensive experience. The view is breathtaking and if you like to walk , I recommend going up with the cable car and hike down. It is a beautiful walk may be 45 minutes but worth it.  Hiking tipps for Monte Bre:

lake side

Lugano – the Lakeside Beauty

The first day in Lugano is the lakeside day of course, here are some impressions of a lake that always seems to hide in the fog, adding a surreal beauty to an anyways ridiculous beautiful scene. To me the best time for a walk on the lakeside is either in the early mornings or late evenings, having random breaks on one of the benches  and finding yourself in a talk with a stranger. Many of the elder residents of Lugano like to sit there in the mornings and they can tell you many stories about Lugano and the lakes. In the evening you may have dinner in one of the Restaurants close to the Piazza Riforma. My recommendation is Ristorante La Tinera (Via dei Gorini 2, 6900 Lugano). Very good food, maybe one or two Swiss Franken more than the other places, but worth it. I suggest making a reservation because it is always very busy.

muenger cafe lugano

Café Munger in Lugano

After organising an swiss sim card and the discovery card we had to recover by visiting Café Munger. My mum used to go to Café Munger when she lived in Switzerland and always recommends the chestnut cream cakes. I love everything chestnutty as well. In the pictures you can see the chestnut cream cake in the background …it is mainly chestnut, cream, butter, sugar… so all the good stuff in one bite! chestnut cake, macron lemon tarte Another cafe I highly recommend is the Grand Café al Porto, I have written about it on the old blog.

home decoration in lugano switzerland

Massimo Giudici Fiori e Decorazioni – Flower Shop in Lugano

i am skipping a bit the series about lugano, because i am very busy, right now. i haven’t even uploaded all pictures on the mac. so this is last day, i went and looked to find a gift for my brother who offered us accomodation.  of course i bought some sweeties, but got ahppy to add a little spicyness. i found the flower and decoration shop from massimo giudici with it’S beautiful floweres and candles and his very helpful staff by the way, the good bye note for my host: