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How to spoil yourself in the digital times

Cheesy title alarm. I had a %&$§ week, one of those weeks the only thing one can hope for is – it will be over soon. Well it’s Friday so let’s hope for the best. The picture above is one I made when I actually visited the berlin philharmonics, see the article here I had o find something to comfort myself and yes, spoil myself. What to do when annoyed? I cleaned my email account. unsubscribing to all the People I subscribed in happier times. Then I reached an email from two days ago: „Live am Fr: Iván Fischer dirigiert Mahlers Symphonie Nr. 3 in der Digital Concert Hall“.


Whitespace – The Right thing to Charge your Mind, Boost your Creativity and recover from Stress Whitespace in typography represents the room around the typography, the word, to give the word room to breathe and to settle. without that whitespace neither the word makes sense, nor the font embraces their beauty. Whitespace is a very important part of the design. If you follow the idea of taking away everything that isn’t needed, doesn’t add to the function or design, you are left with a lot of white space and that actually looks very worthy.

Better Moving

Do you remember my series with the list of 100 small things to change the world? I haven’t forgotten about. I was distracted and i did some research, both needed some time. writing that list changed so much in my life. i had to consider almost everything i do, realising, there are things i wouldn’t touch and others i give up too easily to make my self feel very good.