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Patrice New Album Life's Blood

Patrice – Life’s Blood

Things worth buying! I almost forgot how it is holding a real CD or DVD in my hands till those two arrived in my letter box! No download link. Amazing new album by Patrice. Burning Bridges was on my playlist all summer, and the album is as great as that song. It’s on repeat all day now. All the Links where to buy it are on and here you can order the CD&DVD Box (I recommend that the DVD is great)

How to spoil yourself in the digital times

Cheesy title alarm. I had a %&$§ week, one of those weeks the only thing one can hope for is – it will be over soon. Well it’s Friday so let’s hope for the best. The picture above is one I made when I actually visited the berlin philharmonics, see the article here I had o find something to comfort myself and yes, spoil myself. What to do when annoyed? I cleaned my email account. unsubscribing to all the People I subscribed in happier times. Then I reached an email from two days ago: „Live am Fr: Iván Fischer dirigiert Mahlers Symphonie Nr. 3 in der Digital Concert Hall“.

filip jers

filip jers

#berlin #jazz #sweden #nordicsembassy #filipjers #harmonica i asked a few friends to join me for this concert of filip jers, a swedish jazz musician and composer being popular for playing jazz with his harmonica,  but they weren’t impressed by the idea of jazz with a harmonica. i was and very curious as well. i like jazz, but i am not mad about it, especially free or modern jazz is not my thing. but the idea of jazz with a harmonica sounded really interesting. and it was!  not only because of the harmonica, because of the music and the whole band. the concert was fully booked, no place left, it was a great evening and beautiful music thanks to the nordics embassy for that. I am now a fan! and i am sure you will love it too. check out the webpage or youtube for some music. i have never thought about it, but learned yesterday as well, that harmonicas need to be in temperature… so filip jers brought one of theese electric heating pad people use for …

Selma Guðmundsdóttir and Harald Björköyconcert


#berlin #nordiscembassy #music #concert #liederabend #iceland #norway verschmitzt [fɛɐ̯ˈʃmɪʦt] is a german word which most foreigner visiting germany might not come along often. what is actually a shame because it is something germans are not known for but they definitely are. cats and children are amazing examples of being verschmitzt. if you ever see a child smiling verschmitzt on to you, you know it did something  naughty and knows it. same with a cat, just ate your birthday cake, ooops, sorry, wasn’t that mine? you got the idea.   so why is the headline of this post verschmitzt, the post is about a concert in the nordisc embassy, how goes that together? simple it was not only a great musical evening, with great singing and playing, not only a lovely sign of friendship between norway and island but also the first time in my life that classical music did not come along elitist and obsessed, but passionate and humorous. what is because of the very verschmitzte tenor harald bjørkøy and pianist selma guðmundsdóttir. both are great musicians …



@elenmusic1 #berlin #music #streetmusic berlin is one of the places where street music unfortunately turned from a great art into an annoying thing. so many people do kind of music here in the streets, ubahn, sbahn etc. people who don’t care about music, but mainly want to make sound annoying as possible, so you give them money to make them shut up. so normally i can’t even be bothered to have a look, or even listen for a minute. but than funnily, as if to blame me for giving up, believing in music in the streets, in people talented and passionate, i met three in a row. first the guy with the glass harp and on the same day, but a bit later this gorgeous girl with her touching warm voice – elen (check out her youtube account as well) personally having a soft spot for this song: Click on the button below to load the content of YouTube.Load contentPGlmcmFtZSBzcmM9IjovL3d3dy55b3V0dWJlLW5vY29va2llLmNvbS9lbWJlZC9VMU9tN253a2F4Yz9yZWw9MCIgaGVpZ2h0PSI0NTAiIHdpZHRoPSI2MDAiIGFsbG93ZnVsbHNjcmVlbj0iIiBmcmFtZWJvcmRlcj0iMCI+PC9pZnJhbWU+PC9wPg==

Sergey Karamyshef playing music on glass harp in berlin

the sound of the glasses

#berlin #museumsinsel #sound #music #glassharp as a berliner i hardly visit the area around the museumsinsel. that is for tourists. i would love to visit the neue museum, but first i refuse to queue for a ticket with a “time gap for me” and second i refuse to pay for a ticket. museums should be free. our tax should pay for education and not for the war and weapon and support to big companies who don’t pay tax in this country. but my brother from switzerland was here for a weekend, so i showed him that area and that is when i saw that guy playing the glass harp. it is amazing what beautiful music one can make with “just” a few glasses and a bit of water. this guy is very often found in the area of the museumsinsel in berlin. but in case you miss him or you are not in berlin he has an youtube channel as well. his name is sergey karamyshef.