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Ora Berlin

Ora in Berlin Kreuzberg

Ora in Berlin Kreuzberg is a place in the old kaffeehaus tradition, like my favorite Café Savigny, where you get breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s placed in an old pharmacy and still decorated with all the things from the pharmacy. they have really nice food and good coffee, and i quite like the trendy way to present food in „Weck“- jars.

berlin village market

berlin village market at neue heimat

every sunday is the berlin village market at the neue heimat berlin happening. the combination of flea market, craft market and street food market seems to be the new thing. right now in these golden autumn days the atmosphere is beautiful, worth a visit. great for watching people. I went with my friends carla and julia and spent a very relaxed afternoon.      gourmet istra Fuži sa Tartufima by gourmet istra (ok, i agree, arugula looks better the other way around, but it was quite busy and the truffle pasta were great)

pepita deli berlin


#berlin #italian on my way home after a shooting for a client close to wassertor platz, i walked passed this lovely little shop for italian food, and inside it was even better, you can sit on an intern balcony and have a little snack or lunch, just try the things you are going to buy. this shop looks exactly like all the delis in italy and switzerland i know, not huge and elegant stores. tiny places where you can buy all you need, have a coffee, a snack or lunch. check out the website from pepita.   Click on the button below to load the content of Google Maps.Load 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 View Larger Map

patrice the rising son acoustic session

patrice – the rising of the son

@patricemusic #berlin #sunrise #TheRisingOfTheSon good morning berlin! i got up at 3:30 am this morning! am i crazy? no, i wanted to see patrice (facebook) performing his sunrise acoustic session at the badeschiff in berlin and that did start at 5:00 am. just him and his guitar singing. it was beautiful, amazing light, great songs and performance by patrice and a very relaxed atmosphere. if you missed it today, the next one is in cologne, here is the post to the link where you can download a free song from his new album