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#denmark #westcoast #midtjylland #syddanmark it was hard to think about a title for this post… denmark mon amour, beloved danish coast, seychelles …?  what the seychelles (replace with dream island of your wish) might be for the one or others, the danish north sea coast is for me. breathtaking! love! the endless wide open space, the sky almost kissing the coast, that close it seems to be, the woods and the dunes, the rough and powerful waves of the north sea, the tides. ok, enough from that, you love it or not. you won’t find many café’s, fashion shops or other trendy shopping and entertainment possibilities but you will find what you were looking for in the first when you booked your beach holiday: stunning nature, a breath taking sea side, fresh and clean air to clean your possible depressed urban city mind.   a dead whale is always sad, but it is also a reminder to all of us that there are real animals living in our holiday pool and it is our responsibility …

farm cafe

farm cafe

lately i spent a weekend in denmark and if i can make it, i always try to go to the farm cafe. i love the place. the location, the people the cake .. and yes, the coffee. i say this because of the facebook post of a friend of mine. she posted that in italy you can have ridiculous good coffee wherever you go. and i absolutely agree. but than someone else answered saying they would need that in denmark. and that made me think… may be the quality of the coffee itself in italy is without competition, but i had a few of the best coffees of my life in denmark and that was not about brewing temperature, coffee beans, arabica or robusta etc. one was in klittmøller, 6 o’clock in the morning, we were traveling all night, totally exhausted and the guys from the fish store just opened and offered us black filtered coffee with milk and lot’s of sugar. guys, i tell you sitting in the cold in the van’s back, watching …

camper van sundown

A Weekend at Denmark’s Westcoast

#denmark #trip #camping just a weekend trip but better than nothing and every second breathing in the air in denmark is purest freedom. this is from the west coast of denmark, north sea love and breathtaking light, not to mention delicious pastry, body boarding in north sea waves with my sister and death wales at the beach! there are more pictures to come the next days, just a quick snap from my phone as an appetizer. hope you had a great weekend too