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the lifeboat ale and cider house in margate

the lifeboat ale and cider house in margate

the lifeboat ale and cider house in margate is a great place to hangout when you are in margate. just for an ale or one of the countless ciders they offer, you get a great cheeseplate as well and the staff, including the boss, is absolutely nice. when we visited the turner gallery we went to the lifeboat for a drink and met our lovely friends angela & greg there. what a splendid afternoon we had.


@fortscafe @TCMargate @thegreedycow @aleandcider #margate #thanet we arrived in ramsgate on a friday night and decided first thing on saturday morning to go to margate for breakfast and a quick visit to the turner contemporary. just to give us a bit of time to arrive mentally as well. it was quite a while since my last visit in ramsgate. so we bought some dayrider tickets, took the bus to margate, had breakfast at fort’s cafe, did a walk on the sea side, visited the turner contemporary, i got a lovely present from my boyfriend, jonathan got a haircut, we had lunch at the greedy cow (i love the cheddar tomato pesto sandwich), went over to the lifeboat ale and cider pub, bumped into some lovely friends, angela & greg, took the bus home, were totally exhausted, had early bedtime. phew! see some of the results here :-) full english breakfast at fort’s hill cafe Jonathan obviously enjoying his first full english breakfast since month  :-) that’s me toast and jam, no i am not on a …



#esskultur #culture you know you miss something when you start wanting the things you normally complain about. have you ever had this, a friend is going away who always drove you nuts by knowing always everything better? and now that he is away you are missing his “advice”? Or being in a country complaining about the bad food and than wanting it? when a friend had this meal in england i watched him in irritation eating a jacket potato with cheese, salad and baked beans…and now, because i miss england and the friends i made there … i even could have a jacket potato with baked beans, this one is made by the lovely ship shape cafe. look what says to “esskultur”

the lighthouse margate

the lighthouse bar margate

#margate #kent #thanet #place #lighthouse #turner @tcmargate this time of the year, is the best to be at the lighthouse bar in margate. may be after a nice trip to the turner contemporary? why? it is not so crowded, and it doesn’t smell too much of rotten sea weed. which in summer when the sun burns on the sea weed in the bay can be really strong, one day i just couldn’t make it to the cafe, the smell was so strong i almost puked in the bay. you have a marvelous view on the bay and margate and there are a few lovely little studios and galleries located as well.

ramsgate sailors church

sailors church

#ramsgate #kent #thanet #sailorschurch if you are in ramsgate you are surely visiting the harbour. so don’t miss a visit in the sailors church. i have never visited a service, but love to go and sit in the church. it is a very meditative place, quiet and friendly. And i really like the boats and the light.   Click on the button below to load the content of Google Maps.Load 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ößere Kartenansicht


grand terrace at st. pancras

@searcysbars @stpancrasint #london #stpancras have you ever been at st. pancras in london? what comes into your mind? a great restaurant? one of the longest champagne bars in europe? i am pretty sure none of the above. when i come to england i always hope having time for that … a glass of champagne at the bar or lunch in the restaurant, always on my own. that is the best. a traveller among other travellers.really great food, the price range is quite high, but the service at the restaurant is excellent (not the same at the bar unfortunately) at the bar it happened almost every time that they tried put the tip already on the bill, what is not usual, so i tipped in the first few times double. when i asked one of the guys if it is usual to put the tip already on the bill and if you haver to tip, they tried to tell me ridiculous explanations … but if you know that and you are cool about it, it is …

papillon interiors margate

papillon margate

@vickykingpap @FortsCafe #margate #design #thanet right opposite from the turner contemporary gallery is one of the lovely new shops from margate. after a nice visit at the turner on our way to  fort‘s cafe we passed the papillon and couldn’t resist to have a look. lot’s of lovely things so don’t miss it. lot’s of vitra and alessi design, and other brands. and look at the wonderful view of the turner and the harbour.


rubbish over margate

#margate #kent #ramsgate #thanet #turnercontemporary i know the titel is not really correct english grammar … but reminded me on a film title. the whole area around thanet is a mixture of beautiful and depressing, you might wonder why depressing, living in one of the most beautiful landscapes should lighten up every dark soul, no? no! this area is a quite poor area, and like every poor area there are lot’s of people and things to blame … I mean almost everybody and everything get’s blamed. I love especially ramsgate, may be for personal reasons. but also for the seaside, the light, the friends. the harbour, the marina and the ferry harbour. If I am there, I can’t imagine to miss a walk to the harbour and to the beach just for one day. there are at least a few thousand pictures on a hard drive all of ramsgate harbour, margate bay, and broadstairs bay…. a few are on my aboutcuriosity flickr account. but what makes me always wonder is all the complaining about what the …

pop-up and craft fair

@CraftyBitches1 @thechocolatepod @madampopoff #margate #vintage #event looking for christmas gift’s or just great fun and inspiration? our friend jo mapp is doing and organizing lot’s of impressing things in ramsgate, margate, broadstairs etc. can’t imagine a even geographical border to her creativity. she has a facebook page for the crafty bitches and she is organizing craft events and pop up craft and vintage fairs. there was one at queen charlott’s in ramsgate lately and there will be another one in margate at madam popoffs in margate on the 16th of december. yum … chocolate by the chocolate pod  



one of these things i didn’t wanted to blog about is the turner gallery. not because I don’t like it, more because there were so many people they said everything that had to be said before, so many people published pictures etc. etc. and like with the deutsche oper berlin, you are hardly allowed to make photographs, especially not from the exhibition. so i could only write a general article about the turner and that is so close to promoting …. anyways, i was there again and i loved the alex katz exhibition.


Fort’s Cafe in Margate

Our friend Rachel Stuart recommended this place to me in summer, to meet up during a photo thingy in margate. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it, but in the end, we went to Ffort’s café and I loved it. They got me with their lovely interior, very friendly and charming owner Penny and my childhood meal “maccaroni with cheese sauce” .. yum yum. they do a lot of cooking with stout, so next time I have to try something else, even it is very tempting to order maccaroni on and on.