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da matteo cafe gothenburg

gothenburg part III da matteo

#gothenburg #sweden #cafe #kanelbulle if i would have stayed longer in gothenburg that would be the place for my daily coffee and some kanelbullar. but we were already on our way back to the airport so you only get a few snaps. the da matteo cafe is located in the victoriapassagen and has since the 90ies the ambition to serve the best coffee in sweden. i haven’t got the chance to try the coffee but it looked and smelled delicious – next time than.


gothenburg part I

#gotheburg #sweden travelling to sweden for a business meeting, might not sound like hard work, and i have to admit, the travelling is definitively on the pro side of my job. not many people think of 30°C when they think of Sweden, but that is how it was: hot, hot & sunny. sweden showed itself from the most beautiful side and we enjoyed the time we had in sweden very much.