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Scandinavian Vintage – Ulli Zelle

Scandinavian Vintage Design with Fur

I had breakfast with my friend ulli zelle at her home and felt in love with her flat. We met a few years ago at ikea and you can see the scandinavian influence in the interior style, the light and the white. but than ulli accentuates that with some very cool vintage furniture and radios. the star that morning was absolutely clearly rosa von bernstein a wonderful eccentric looking cat with a very soft and warm heart.

Ulli is a freelance interior designer and she is also studying product design … you can book her! just message her via her webpage or via xing. She is doing interior design and consulting for many different kind of projects small flats, shops, big apartments, shop windows, store planning, special problems etc..

ulli zelle portrait

produkt design produkt kitchen radio sammelgeschirr2 sammelgeschirr radio2 sleeping room chairs lamp4 wardrobe lamp3 lamp2 lamp inside candle view

rosalind von bernstein


breakfast breakfast2

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