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rotesserie_Weingruen innen

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if you are a reader of my blog you know that i got one of the taste twelve berlin books, if not you can read the post here. My idea was to go on a culinary journey with some of my friends and try the restaurants featured in the book, one every month.

yesterday we started. I gave the book my friend and he could choose where to go. he chose rotisserie weingrün because it was the only one he had never been before. i was quite curious as well, it is one of the restaurants i haven’t heard about it myself and it was the least “fancy” one in the book. When i told my friend nane-liliane i am going. she said “oh it is delicious, you have to have something with meat. they make the best, absolutely best entrecote.”

So i called and made a reservation for the evening, told them that i have that book and ask to make some pictures and writing about them on my blog. expecting the usual german “no pictures, no writing please, or oh we can’t decide etc…) but no, it was all easy going “yes of course, make pictures, we are looking forward to see you this evening” … good start.

Our reservation was for 6pm quite early but that was really good, only a very few people were there at that early time. later it was really busy.

In marketing they say a project ends as it starts. so this culinary journey will end great and delicious. it was a beautiful and absolutely delicious evening at rotisserie weingrün. we had entrecote with roasted potatoes as my friend suggested and it was perfect. the menu mentioned as well dishes like beet root risotto with spicy pears, finnish salmon grilled with honey lemon pepper flambeed with cognac and lot’s of tempting appetizer and deserts.

they have their own winery “horcher” and i tried a merlot from 2009 (having a soft spot for merlot) … perfect! it was a very aromatic and harmonic wine.

whatelse do you need to know? lovely and friendly service, never stressed out, even when it became quite busy around 8pm. with a profound knowledge about wine and the food they offer (no, that is not standard, not even in the best restaurants). the customers were a nice mix of a few mitte hipsters, some young couples, a few elder more intellectual couples, some tourist groups … but everybody got the same relaxed and nice service.

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