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the trending event in berlin right now is the opening of the bikini haus. last thursday the 3rd of april was the officially public opening and it seemed everybody was there. i was.

it is what they promised, great. there is a shopping area for everybody. the mainstream brands like vans and carhartt or the usuals like murkudis – kostas and andreas, but than odeeh opened a shop and the gestalten shop is quite nice etc. etc. other shall tell you all the details, or read them up on the bikini page. there were so many people, i have to go another day, to really have a look.

vitra & artek in cooperation with do you read me and comme de garcon, quite an interesting mixture

bikini berlin opneing
bikini berlin opneing
nhat from the comme de garcon shop

bikini berlin opneing  030414_bikini_074

my favorite shop is the shop from odeeh

view of the berlin gedächtniskirche from the odeeh shop

030414_bikini_052 030414_bikini_050

jörg ehrlicher from odeeh, he is very excited about the new concept of the bikini haus and the open shop system. odeeh is in the same space like andreas murkudis

the ground floor with the mainstream brands and the box system you might know from asian shopping malls

bikini berlin opneing

there is always a opportunity for me to jump into the picture, this time jonathan joined me in my “selfie”

030414_bikini_041 bikini berlin opneing  bikini berlin opneing bikini berlin opneing

bikini berlin opneing
the view! 

bikini berlin opneing


unfortunately there is a con for every pro. the weeks of great evenings at the monkey bar and the neni restaurant are over. it is just not possible to get a place. my plan was, to meet nikolas feireiss for a sundowner at the monkey bar as i used to in the last weeks often, but it was soo busy the people were queueing for a place. so nikolas and i ended up in the very comfortable hotel lobby from the 25hour hotel. let’s see how it will turn up in the next month.