Hot Muffins

hot muffins with jam

Besides from all the rumours about bad English food, I found a few things I really love and miss when I am not in England. For example muffins. Yes, I know you can find some Muffins in Berlin as well. But even the ones from Waitrose are better than every product I found in berlin so far.

So i always persuade some of my friends travelling to england to bring a few products for me. and my beloved watrose muffins just arrived. Toasted and buttered with blackberry jam or marmelade they replace easily any need for cake to me. Especially served on my last plate of the beautiful “kutani crane” table ware by

Especially served on my last plate of the beautiful “Kutani Crane” table ware by Wedgwood (opposite to their promise when I started buying, you can’t buy replacements from Kutani Crane any more)

hot muffins with jam
hot muffins with blackberry jam on wedgewood

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  1. Desdemona

    and the melting butter …ooooh!

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