pfoertner uferhallen

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just a quick tip to make you really go and visit the exhibition of the kuenstlersonderbund, there is a nice cafe at the uferhallen as well. quality is good, coffee a bit lukewarm and if you ever missed the real authentic rough charm of the real berlin people because you spent too much time in hip new mitte cafes than you will love this. i did. they are all pretty and wonderful not interested in you, and so not mitte!!! just cute! a lot of dancers, artist and creative people are hanging around and the prices are very good as well. you can sit outside and have a look on all the people passing by or sit in the bus if it rains (as we did :-))

pfoertner uferhallen
pfoertner uferhallen

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  1. Christian

    you can fight about the art, but not about this magic place … great halls, spectacular architecture (at the opposite site of the street) and a cosy coffee shop with great products … worse a visit !

    • glad you liked it … and if you can’t fight and discuss about something, than one is for sure…it is not art.

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