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women’s breakfast at the embassy for the nordic countries


#nordicembassy #berlin #womensday

today i went to the nordic embassy which is the embassy for all the nordic countries in berlin. It is a beautiful building which can be visited and you should go, especially in summer. anyways, today i went because i was invited to a “women’s breakfast” due to the fact that today is international women day. it started at 9.00 am with the talk of former islandic president vigdis finnbogadóttir followed by music played by laufey sigur∂ardóttir (violine) and elísabet waage (harp). The seech from vigdis finnbogadóttir was just great, passionate and humorous. the music like a fresh wind for the mood – so all perfect. really great event. I had to leave when the breakfast started, because I am not such a big fish lover and being in a room were salmon was waiting to be eaten for at least 1,5 hours was a bit too much for me, for the same reason you get only crap pictures from the stairs. I just couldn’t stand being down in the room. but i enjoyed every minute.

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