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Your Way to Live

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today on facebook, by patrice. love it. sooo easy to forget! go your own way, there are enough ways, don’t compare yourself!296214_578243545531125_1282952052_n

by the way, here is a free download for the patrice song “alive“.

… Why is today so very special ? Because we are ALIVE !
“ALIVE” is also the first song I wrote for “The Rising of the Son” album.
It is the one that marks the beginning of a motion called “Rising”.
The visuals were filmed by my friends Barron Claiborn and Shawn Peters in Freetown Sierra Leone. They are showcasing a very special group of young gentlemen formerly known as “The Lion Base Cribs”. Young Suns rising from the slums and the ashes of the past. Moreover it shows me trying to be a film make … Spielberg said if you want to be a director just get a camera and start shooting … Here it is.
A little trailer of what’s to come. I pray for it to INSPIRE ! via patrice