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At Home with Architect Stefan Flachsbarth

The plan to meet architect Stefan Flachsbarth at home exists for a while, but he is always very busy so it was difficult to find a date.

But I am very happy to show you now the pictures from his beautiful loft style home. As with all talks, I discovered some things I didn’t know about Stefan. Like that, it was simply bureaucracy that made him come to berlin and that he likes to go for long bicycle trips to relax and find inspiration.

Stefan is Partner at bfs-design, a well known design and architecture agency. You should have a look at their projects, amazing!

Stefan moved in quite recently, the pictures are still missing and some other bits and pieces. But his flat reflects his personality as I see him already – charming, elegant with simplicity, not settled yet and very relaxed. The flat is mainly one huge room for living, cooking and being, extending in a terrace with a marvelous view. In comparison seems the bedroom quite small. I think that says a lot about Stefan’s energy – always curious, always awake and looking out for inspiration.

Listen to the talk on SoundCloud or click on the Podcast below the pictures. I hope you are going to enjoy our talk as much as I did.

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