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botanical garden berlin

wasp, bee at botanical garden berlin

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my nephew and me visited the botanical garden in berlin on monday. I’ve linked to the site, but if you visit their homepage please don’t get the wrong impression. the garden is beautiful and inspirational, on the contrary of their webpage. The proposal were  zooloigcal garden, ethnological museum or botanical garden and taking the camera and some sketching & drawing material. so we both could do some pictures, with the camera and with pen and paper but we got blown away by the beauty and the diversity of the plants both, in the garden and the glasshouses. we almost argued of having the camera because every second there was a new discovery, coulorful, huge, tiny, wonderful smelling, interesting texture, …. and animals, in the garden we saw a turtle, a squirrel, lot’s of various birds, a field mouse, …here is a small selection of the pictures i made, just an appetizer (more on flickr)

ok, it wasn’t the most sunny summer day, but the weather was quite nice.

glasshouse at botanical garden berlin


the green house with all the orchids was absolutely amazing.

leaf at botanical garden berlin


yes we saw lot’s of squirrels and they were quite relaxed about visitors, this one starred at us and scratched his bottom as if say “what are you watching at, he!”

squirrel at botanical garden berlin


I would love to have a pick nick herein this tea pavillion close to a beautiful chinese pond

tea pavillion at botanical garden berlin


do you expect to see a turtle in a garden in berlin? me neither, such a surprise

turtle at at botanical garden berlin


that such a beauty does smell that bad! we had to hold our breath taking pictures from this blossom

exotic flower at botanical garden berlin


succulents of every size and colour are always interesting, because that is nothing we see so often in germany :-)

colourful catctus, scuclent at botanical garden berlin


eh, pink! isn’t it!

exotic pink flower at botanical garden berlin


the fish pond in the green house

pond with koi fishes at botanical garden berlin


some studies of  animals in wilderness :-)

wasp, bee at botanical garden berlin

please go to flickr to see more pictures:

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