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How to spoil yourself in the digital times

Cheesy title alarm.
I had a %&$§ week, one of those weeks the only thing one can hope for is – it will be over soon. Well it’s Friday so let’s hope for the best.

The picture above is one I made when I actually visited the berlin philharmonics, see the article here

I had o find something to comfort myself and yes, spoil myself. What to do when annoyed? I cleaned my email account. unsubscribing to all the People I subscribed in happier times. Then I reached an email from two days ago: „Live am Fr: Iván Fischer dirigiert Mahlers Symphonie Nr. 3 in der Digital Concert Hall“.

It was a minute between reading the email and putting a coat on top of my pajamas, some boots on and off I went to the organic supermarket. A bag full of goodies: pasta, cheese, chocolate. Back 12 minutes later – to buy the ticket.

… breath in, breath out, calm down.

Back home, I started immediately cooking my favorite pasta dish „Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe“. Pasta with loads of butter, good Parmigiano and pepper melted to a comforting and delicious meal. It is art to make Pasta cacio e pepe. Combined with a good glass of red wine, some candles and a comfortable seat… oh and yes some dark chocolate. Just in time for the start of the concert.

It is not the same – but it is neither better or worse, it is just different to watch a life concert of the digital concert hall.

Have you ever been in the philharmonics sitting in the holy atmosphere and thinking „what would happen if I would do this (include verb or noise of your choice)? I am sure there is a psychological term for it.

Well, I love the berlin philharmonics and think it is the best concert hall in the world, with the best orchestra in the world.But I appreciated being on my own. Attending the concert of Mahler’s 3rd conducted by Iván Fischer and indulging myself with pasta and wine and chocolate. Listening through headphones wandering around watching the orchestra on the big screen. Very good storytelling, just the right moment on the right camera, on the right people … I was so close to the percussionists and horns. … did I mention, I think that the berlin philharmonics is not only the best orchestra but has the best percussion and the best horns.

OK I leave you with this, you might want to give it a try. Don’t be selfish, use this promotion link here, we both get 48 hours for free. Promotion link

By the way you could watch a concert with Gustavo Dudamel for free here and the next concert I have put on my calendar is this

2 comments on “How to spoil yourself in the digital times

  1. Andrea

    Hi Jordana, lovely article. I have a subscription, it is really worth having one.
    … I always wanted to make bad noises in the philharmonics :-) I am glad I am not the only one.

  2. Hello Andrea, I am considering a subscription as well. Glad you like the article and want to make bad noises in the philharmonics as well.

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