Firenze Food Italy

Ditta Artigianale Café in Florence

One should think there is no hipster third wave coffee in the land of espresso, cappuccino and latte macchiato, a country having coffee specialities invented like cafe affogato and cafe frappe.

After the big Café Au Lait wave in the early seventies, the Toscana fraction* brought all the Italian coffee specialities to Germany. Italian coffee won the heart of the nation of Filterkaffee drinker easily.

Well, a pigeon pooped on me. It is supposed to bring luck but doesn’t make happy. My camera, my coat and my hand were covered in pigeon poop – I just had to jump into the next place with a toilet. It happened to be Ditta Artigianale in Via dello Sprone. The waiter had the usual friendly, disinterested attitude where you immediately feel like you are not a stranger anymore because that Cafè could be in Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam or London. I guess it is the only place in Florence where people speak mainly English.