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ILA 2016

ILA 2016 Berlin Air

This year, as usual, ILA 2016 will be taking place at Selchow. I love aeroplanes, all of them. Especially the military air freighter. The A400 is always a highlight for me, not because of its military function, but because of it’s technical capabilities. Up and down and in circles on low speed like no other plane.

The A350 was there as well and all the Typhoons and Tigers you would expect. And, once again I wasn’t prepared properly. Not enough Sun Block and of course lacking a telephoto Lens … but well, it’s about the planes, not my camera.

This year the exciting schedule is bound to impress and there are many interesting side events also taking place.

I am a pacifist and the only thing I will ever fight is war itself. But, nonetheless, I love everything „aerospace“. Not only the smaller old machines but also the big A320’s or the A350’s and even the Eurofighters, mainly for their aesthetic and technological abilities. I especially like the Air freighters/cargos.

Ila 2016 starts today and is open to the public visitors from Friday the 3rd of June. Don’t miss it!


20160531-ILA-103 20160531-ILA-007 20160531-ILA-006 20160531-ILA-199 20160531-ILA-196 20160531-ILA-195

I always think the staff on the ground are the hidden heroes of every airport. If you know this cool guy let me know ( or him) that I photographed him, he disappeared before I was able to ask him.

20160531-ILA-213 20160531-ILA-028 20160531-ILA-019 20160531-ILA-026 20160531-ILA-015 20160531-ILA-214 20160531-ILA-147 20160531-ILA-087 20160531-ILA-183