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Benedict Restaurant Berlin

Almost everybody I know asked me why I haven’t written a post for Benedict Restaurant.

So here we go. A post about the Restaurant where you can have 24h breakfast.
I went and I liked it. The breakfast was good, the waiting not as long as everybody predicted, the service friendly. I might go again.

But it’s not on my top list. It is just not my cup of tea. I like small places, real people, Service with „Ecken und Kanten“. Maybe not all the time super friendly, but authentic.

It was all a bit too much machinery, not a cafe – I didn’t like the aftertaste of vinegar the poached egg had, that the tables get cleaned with glass cleaning products while one has ones breakfast on the next table.

But as I said, I would go again, I recommend going.

There are just many Cafes in Berlin, I would go first, but that is personal taste.

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