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Green Living in Berlin

I love travelling and my heart is the heart of a nomad – but i love living in a city, living in berlin. A spiritual Teacher i know, told the story how he always longed for a peaceful quiet house in the mountains, and when he finally got what he wanted he got bored to death. He missed easy and spontaneous shopping, going out for a coffee, meeting random people, etc.

The seaside is where i secretly belong. The ocean makes my heart throb, softens my soul and my eyes, opens my mind for a rich emptiness. My eyes normally a plain grey – lighter in summer, darker in winter, turning blue next to the ocean reflecting all the blues. (I like that :-))

But then how easy to get used to it? waking up next to a tree, which turned to a item providing shade… I live in Berlin Charlottenburg, very close to Schlosspark, Lietzensee and Grunewald, but also to some lovely places for food and coffee (like this one here), easy shopping and access to cultural treats like free concerts in the nordic embassy (here). The house is a typical old berlin building with the ususal high ceilings, and more or less nice or horrible neighbours. But at this time of the year, al that count is the courtyard, just beautiful. I open my eyes in the morning and see what you see in the pictures below, andll your thoughts get covered in light, breaking through leafs, playing shadow forms on the wall.

green_room_001 green_room_003 green_room_004

4 comments on “Green Living in Berlin

  1. Love your photos (as always). Makes me realise I miss my flat in Berlin – where I had a similar view …

    • Thank you for your comment Meike. I am sure Berlin misses you as well (i do at least!) :-)

  2. Anders Klintborg

    Great stuff, you can almost touch and smell the leaves outside your windows! Great pics!

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