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Lager Lager Crafts Beer Laden

What to drink if you are cool and hip? Well, easy during the daytime – third wave coffee and smoothies / juices (everything green and chia and Baobab). But when it comes to alcohol it’s getting difficult. Wine is too establishment, cocktails old fashioned, regular beer a bit working class.

Café Katulki – Polish Delightfulness in Neukoelln

This one is definitely somewhere I will come back to. We just had lot’s of coffee and cake and other treats but, with our time running out, we were unable to sample all that we wanted to. But what I saw just looked amazing. All the cakes and sweets and the homemade bread! They also provide a lunch menu comprising Polish dishes and a handful of Italian classics – what I saw looked fantastic and smelled just as good. Not one of the diners left a single crumb on their plates so, either the food is really good, or all the customers were starving. I guess the first one. The atmosphere here was the most relaxed and energetic on our tour through Neukoelln. No one seemed to think they were particularly important but just enjoyed their time, the place and the food.